Hey There! Thanks for stopping by.

Hello. Welcome to my blog – “The Depressed Accountant”.

A honest collection of feelings, rants and struggles with depression.

Who am I?

So far, you have two pieces of information , One: I’m an accountant and, Two: I have depression.

These two words have more in common that you would first think.

I am an average person, nothing special, non-celebrity, non-millionaire, probably, just like you, and hopefully someone you can relate to.

My Journey…

This blog is about my journey through the valleys and hills of daily depression. I don’t proclaim to have the answers, but I can certainly share my problems and questions.

The purpose of the blog is for me to put down in writing my thoughts – good or bad, my moods – fun or grumpy and ultimately to share with you.


JOE (V.O.) I’m a brilliant businessman. It’s what I do best. What’s your business?

KATHLEEN (V.O.) No specifics, remember?

Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan – You’ve Got Mail